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"I recently lost my dog to old age, Bay had walked with Bright Paws for 7 years and I want to thank you for all your care and joy that you brought to her life. Your walks and she being with her friends was the highlight of her day. She so much looked forward to that time of day and she was so relaxed and content when she arrived back home and snoozed the afternoon away. I was also very happy that she was secure with you when I went on holidays."

Michael Kennedy, February 2017

"Gizmo has been going on daily walks with Freya for the last three years. Freya is very reliable and has never cancelled and when ever she is away she always has a reliable dog walker (Rachel) to cover her holidays. Gizmo loves going out with his doggy friends and staying at Freya's house on holiday (when his mummy and daddy are away!). Freya made us feel at ease when Gizmo stayed at her house when we went on holiday, by sending us regular updates and pictures of our boy playing and even marathon training on the beach! Since going on his walks Gizmo is so much better around other dogs as he gets to play with his new doggy friends everyday! He Loves Freya and you can see it by how excited he gets every time she comes to pick him up for his walk, for a very shy, uneasy doggy around other people this is great to see. We would not trusty Gizmo with anyone else other than Freya."

Hannah, Bobby and Gizmo, April 2016

"Freya has looked after my cat on a regular basis when I've had to go away either for the weekend or for longer holiday periods. Freya has always been very accommodating, as this was often at short notice, and really reliable. B has to have medication every day and I've always felt entirely confident that she has been really well looked after."

Lucy Ditchburn, February 2015

"Freya began feeding my cat three years ago, and now she walks my dog too! She takes excellent care of them both and we trust her completely. She is reliable, friendly, caring and genuine. When I have been away she has given regular cat updates, and when taking care of Huxley our whippet while we were in the States she even sent pictures!"

Jennie Fellows, January 2015

"I have been using Bright Paws for 4 years now. Freya is a very honest, trustworthy and caring animal lover and a genuine person. I wouldn't trust anyone else to look after my cats when I go away. I would highly recommend Freya to anyone."

Molly Thew, January 2015

"Freya always puts the safety of the dogs first, and is so flexible and accommodating if we need to make changes at short notice. Our dog absolutely loves the time he spends with Bright Paws. He comes back tired and happy every day. Wilf has also stayed at Bright Paws for a holiday- Wilf's needs and routine were taken care of and he had a great time - in fact we suspect he didn't want to come home!"

Tammy & Stuart Noel, February 2014

"Freya and Bright Paws started to walk my whippet Boo a couple of days a week over a year ago, and Boo loves her time with Freya. She was only 4 months old when she first joined the dog walks and Freya was great with her, incredibly thoughtful and kind and 100% reliable. I have no hesitation recommending Freya and am so grateful for her looking after Boo. Thanks Freya!"

Amy Anson, December 2014

"Love, Love, Love this company. Freya is so reliable and Belle really enjoys her walks and holidays..."

Claire Cannings, April 2014